Hotspot data consumption


    Something very strange is going on with the mobile hotspot network that I use to connect my laptop to the 'net.


    My phone claims that, over the past week, my mobile hotspot network used well over 5 GB of data.


    This is despite the fact that:


    - I didn't watch any videos (not even a short clip) via mobile hotspot during this time, and didn't stream more than a few minutes of audio


    - I have Java turned off for most web pages on my browser


    - The SSID of my mobile hotspot network is private and PW protected, so others can't easily siphon my data


    Pretty much all I did using my mobile hotspot during this time was text-based (occasionally image-based) web research.


    Am I missing something, or is it fair to conclude that there's some type of bug (or other flaw) in the ”meter” that's counting up my data usage?



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Hotspot data consumption

        Hmmmm -- surface level, that sounds like light usage, but it also might depend on how many images were loaded and what the file sizes were, or if there were graphics on any of the sites you visited?
        What type of mobile hotspot are you using?

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Hotspot data consumption

          Marissa brought up some really good points about where the data consumption could be coming from. Can you tell us what hotspot device you're using and if this is still going on?

            • ml4853157

              Re: Hotspot data consumption

              (I tried to respond a few days ago, but my data was so throttled that the site wouldn't let me post my response.)


              I have done a number of Google Image searches during the time of the alleged data consumption, but probably not more than 10-15 a day (at a generous estimate).


              As for what kind of hotspot, the range is set to "Standard" (which is the lower of the two possible options). Besides this, the only "Settings" options I see for the hotspot network have to do with encryption, and the list of allowed devices.


              The device I'm using is a Galaxy Avant that I purchased three years ago, running 4.4.2 of the Android OS.