Anyone elses LTE as bad as mine?


    I've pretty much given up on the idea of addressing the problem. It's been this bad since LTE rolled out. And apparently I don't live in an area that's worth servicing.  Though from things I've read here and in different places T-Mobile has begun repurposing it's 3G network to expand it's LTE reach.  Which means now I have barely tolerable 3G when I'm at home.


    There was a major power outage a few weeks ago and wind just knocked power out in the area again yesterday. In the previous outage my internet and cable were down but my generator kept everything else going.  I had to depend on my phone as a hotspot. Would have been nice to use some of the LTE spewds on the network I pay for but 3mb down of 3G is much faster than what I get on LTE. ( for those that don't like random links) .51mb down and .66mb up.


    On top of that a friend's tells me that he calls me often but I dont answer. No ring, no missed calls. Only way I know the call came through is if he leaves a voicemail. Who knows how many calls I've been missing. Apparently my job tried to call me the other day and warn me that my badge was going to expire, but I never got the call.  After 13 years with T-Mobile I'm starting to feel a little silly for not switching at this point.

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