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    Hi Team. Seeking your assistantce here. Im working with the company as service partner here in the Philippines. Undergone products specific training for the program TMobile gencare. On our fundamentals training, as there was a contest and the reward is a Sony Xperia Z phone from T-Mobile. Glad that i hit the metrics  and won the phone as a reward. They gave the phone last April 16, 2018. They told me that they already requested for the unlock code for i will be able to use it here in our country. Unfortunately, its been 3weeks then as i do everyday followup, they said no response yet as they said. Im upset that i cant use the reward phone from T-Mobile as the unlock code for it wasnt yet given. I know and i understand about the policy from C2, however, team, seeking your assistance here as im not located in USA and located here in the Philippines.


    Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you and Godbless..

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Phone reward from training

        Hey there! First off, thanks for being part of the team, and congratulations on your award! Awesome job!
        Our Support Community is a public user forum, so we don't have the ability to review matters that require a secure platform for verification, but we definitely want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of your effort! I believe in this situation partnering with your management team for follow-up will be your best bet -- there should be an internal escalation process that can be followed in situations with devices not used on the TMO network and/or phones that may not be listed in our standard IMEI database. It sounds like this may already be underway -- and if so, great! It may take significantly longer than a standard unlock; but that type of escalation is the way to go. 

        Thanks for taking the time to join our Community and post, and congratulations again!