iPhone 8 BOGO


    I recently purchased a 2nd iPhone 8 and ported in a # with Tmobile trying to take advantage of the BOGO promotion and, after spending over 2 hours on the phone W/ the CS rep And being assured that I covered all my bases, I traded in my “eligible devise” (iPhone 6 Plus 128GB) for $50 (something I would not have done otherwise w/o this promotion) and then submitted the rebate form. Come to find out 1.5 months later, my rebate claim was rejected b/c I “did not port in a #”. Um, yes I definitely did, what do you mean? I was transferred to the most unhelpful, in compassionate CS rep I e ever dealt with who was part of the ”rebate team” (I figured he didn’t work for T-Mobile bc I had never had such a CS experience before). He told me my port-in must have been from an “ineligible carrier“. Excuse me?! At NO point in any conversation or in reading through the flashy or fine print was there ANY reference to the carrieR you port-in from. I did see plenty of references about the device you trade in (and what is/isn’t eligible), so there was no surprise there. However, whatecer this guy is referring to is total BS. I ended up speaking to a normal CS rep and she got them to resubmit the rebate. If it Gets rejected again I’m prepared to submit a very well documented BBB claim and will cancel All of my lines b/c once the trust is breached, there is no going back.