Complaint about the ONLY store in 78582


    I can not believe that once again I had to call care and talk with a supervisor about the same store again. He is the background, I live in San Antonio  , TX, while my family lives in Rio Grande City. So they are stuck going to the only store in the area to make payments. And no they don't use apps, call, or go online due to fear of fraud. But every time they go in , the reps hassed them to buy something or get out. The reps share account details, (ex: account bal, number lines, anything) to anyone. Today i had my sister go make a set amount payment, and they told her the account balance and other information that she doesn't need to know. I have made several requests for this not to happen, and I was told that unless I, myself, go in with a government issued id no information or charges will be done. So, what happened?  Is the store at 2612 E US Hwy 83, Rio Grande City, TX 78582 dont't have to follow the same rules as the rest. When I spoke with "store manager' Molares, he was rude, cut me off everytime i spoke.  He told me that the reps can give out information like account bal and such to anyone. This is not acceptable, especially when I have requested no to be allowed multiple before. This is not right in any form, and I would hate for it to happen .... but i think it is best to have everyone that works in that store fired and the store to be closed down since this keeps on happening.  

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