Garbled, robotic, underwater sounding connection


    Any updates on this issue?  I’ve done all the suggested “quick fix” things, and its not the device, its the network.   It happens to me daily.  I’m on calls for maybe 4 hours at a time, and every once in a while, it will sound like we’re both underwater, or we have both turned into Jabba the Hut.  Then other times we sound like the Chipmunks on crack.   It will only last for 5 to 20 seconds.  Another thing we experience is that sometimes it just goes dead. The call is connected, but its like we both put ourselves on Mute.  This happens when I call another T-Mobile user (wife), or Verizon (mom), or AT&T (friend) user. Those are the only people I have 2+ hour long conversations with.   Long enough for this to happen at least a couple times each conversation.  Each time, I have full signal, and it doesn‘t matter if I’m on LTE, 4G, or WiFi, or if I’m on my car Bluetooth, or the phone next to my head, or on my LG Tone Bluetooth.   I’m currently using an iPhone 7+

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