Husband and I go into Tmobile about 10 days ago to switch from Sprint to Tmobile.  Ask about the new military discount.  Told it starts Friday (which was the next day from when we got our phones) and we should be able to do it online.  Also asked about buying out our contract we were still in from Sprint.  Apparently they were suppose to do that in the beginning of the process and take our phones but since our new phones were already set up they couldn't go back and do the contract buy out so in the store they set up a deal that for the next two billing cycles I would come in before my bill is due and they would "take care of it".  Well we haven't gotten there yet so we'll see what happens when the time comes.  Friday rolls along and I try to sign up for the military discount.  Send all the proper information to them and get a notification back that says they cannot verify the information because I did not include everything. So I sent it again with the things they were asking for highlighted with arrows pointing to the information.  Get an email back telling me I do not qualify for the discount because the account has to be in the RETIRED military members name and not mine.  This made me angry because they knew from the very beginning BEFORE the account was started that my husband was military because we talked about it in the store.  Yet they didn't know enough to put the account in HIS name so we could get the discount.  So today we go back up to the store to switch the account over because I was told I could go in the store to do that and they would run a new credit check blah blah blah.  I get to the store and the guy says call 611.  Im beyond FURIOUS now!  Fine!  I'll call 611...while I'm IN the store!!!  So we do that, the lady on the phone talks to my husband and switches the account over into his name.  Great! right?  WRONG!!  The phones themselves are on the Jump On Demand program and in order to keep these phones the Jump On Demand cannot be transferred and I will get a bill in the mail for ALL FIVE PHONES that I will have to pay in full when the bill arrives.....unless I take ALL FIVE phones back to the store, return them and get FIVE new phones!!!!  Great!  Right???  WRONG!!!!  Now I have to personalize my phone all over again plus the two for my parents!  What a pain in my ARSE!  And my husband and son will have to do the same for theirs because we can't get the same phones back....even though they are only TEN days old!!!!  Why can't we just TRANSFER the Jump On Demand to his account, we keep our phones and we don't dispose of brand new barely used phones?  Plus I'll have to purchase 5 new screen protectors!!!  Money keeps pouring out of my pocket with this whole debacle! @TMobileHelp

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