Texts not sending, sending double texts, etc.


    I don't know what's going on with my Galaxy Note 8.  Most times I send a text the wheel will just sit there and spin forever, eventually timing out or so it seems.  The recipient of my texts will often get a double text from me as well.  It's becoming very frustrating!  My phone is up to date. Has this been happening to anyone else and if so have you found a fix?  This nonsense didn't happen when I was with Verizon.




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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey Chris!


        Thanks for reaching out! Do you have an over abundance of saved messages on your device? Are you using a T-Mobile branded device? We haven't seen this as a known issue, so we definitely want to see what's going on with your specific device.



          • cdadams1223

            No I don't have an over abundance of saved messages on my device nor my wife's phone who also has the same issues.  We both have T-Mobile devices, a Note 8 and a Galaxy S9+.  Sadly, it is a known issue if you Google search it.  All I know is this is the 1st time we have dealt with this issue before.  Not sure if my device needs to be reprovisioned or what but it's quite annoying.  I'm hoping the next update includes something to help this problem.



              • tmo_marissa

                I gotcha, Chris. So this is happening on your wife's device, too? That's no good!

                When Lauren says "known issue", she's referencing an internal list that we compile with feedback from customers and/or engineers and/or the manufacturer about bugs that are happening with high frequency per our internal reports or theirs -- not necessarily what we can search on the internet. That said, online searches can be a good resource to see if there are trends starting to occur. If you've been able to dig up stuff that shows this is happening to a lot of folks on TMO branded Galaxy devices, then it may just be something that we need more reports to pass up!
                You can report this by dialing 611 and contacting our Tech team to get a ticket filed. We typically need at least two examples within the last 24 hours so that engineering can run traces and determine if this is a network issue or a device issue, then go from there. Please know we want to get to the bottom of this -- and we do not want any customer regretting the switch!