What is the difference between the $40 4G and $45 4G LTE plans?


    I currently have a service plan with TMobile.   I bought a new phone, the Moto G5 Plus, which supports 4G LTE (Cat 6).  The phone supports all carriers.


    In the screenshot below, you can see all the plans available to me.  What is the difference between the "4G" for $40, and the "4G LTE" for $45??  What is the speed difference between "4G" and "4G LTE"?




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      • magenta4804749

        "4G" usually refers to the HSPA+ system.
        This network is capable of delivering up to 42Mbps downlink speeds.
        Meanwhile "4G LTE", logically, refers to the full-speed LTE system, which can reach speeds a fair hunk faster.

        That $40 plan, assuming it's what you have now, is likely an older one from before LTE widely deployed.

        If you get LTE speed service now on the "4G" plan, then that would mean there's no real difference other than it being an old plan.

        (Also, get the 10GB/$50 plan if you can afford it. It's by far the best deal.)

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