I am so frustrated about this company


    So a week ago I was looking at account and saw one of my payments had not posted. I contacted your people, and they said it had to be searched. Great! I asked specifically if I could just make a payment arrangement until they found it. It was as simple request, the customer service said no need, 'We have you covered". Awesome. I sent in everything they needed, apparently they made a decision without telling me saying the payment was declined by my credit card holder, I showed them a statement directly from my bank, I showed them my receipt and but apparently just said it was declined. At which time, before I could even get online, they shut off my phones. ALL OF THEM. Now, I have kids who are in college, I have kids out of state, this is unacceptable since at the time, I could have made a payment arrangement and been fine, but now I cant cause the date passed. So not cool, cause I talk to them today and yeah, now I have to pay 700 dollars to get phones restore no other option. I am like wait what? you said you had me covered? We did, but sorry the dates have changed and their is nothing with can do, you have to pay. Really? This is your screw up and I am being blamed. Are you serious, how in the heck is this even acceptable?

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