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How will the merger between T-mobile and Sprint effect me?


    So I read online that T-mobile and Sprint have officially worked out a agreement to merge companies. I know it is still in the early stages so there are still a lot of details that may need to be worked out. I am also aware that the DOJ may try to stop the merger from happening. However, if it were to go through what changes will I see as a T-mobile customer? Will I be grandfathered into my plan and pricing? Will my S8 be able to take advantage of Sprints network and T-mobiles, similar to how project fi works? Stuff like that is basically the information I am looking for.

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      • tidbits

        If it does go through look for things to change after about 2 years.  Which at that time T-Mobile will drop 2G and 3G.  Also 4GLTE will be the base of the network and 5G will be sprouting out with the new spectrum acquired from Sprint. 


        If you are still using your S8 during that time you will not have 5G but 4GLTE should work on all network(with an update) as current radios in Samsung devices since the S7 support all spectrum bands, but it's gated through software.

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        • barcodeable

          im hoping after the merger T-Mobile make the Wifi Hotspot Data visible.... perhaps Sprint experts can show them how.

          It's terrible that I don't know how much HOTSPOT i have used without having to call a Customer Service Rep.

          Im so happy T-Mobile doesn't make cars.... I would have to contact T-Mobile to find out how much fuel i have in my gas tank .


          Shame on T-Mobile (im still not migrating to the ONE Plan even without being able to see my Hotspot usage or Data Stash) i refuse to be assimilated!!!!

          • drnewcomb2

            On the plus side, T-Mobile would finally have the high-band spectrum they need to deploy 5G in cities.

            On the minus side the competitive pressure on price will be off, so T-Mobile will be free to increase rates to whatever VZW and AT&T are charging.