No data on one of 3 lines ported over this weekend.


    I ordered new service over the phone on 4/26/2018. I received my phones Friday 4/27/2018, I started the porting process on 2 lines. It was a nightmare, rep put wrong numbers in.


    That took until 4/28/2018, to get corrected. Ported over my 3rd line on 4/28/2018, all worked well. Sunday morning and all of sudden my data stops working. Call custimer care, advised to go to brick and mortar and swap out sim card.  While at the store, the rep there installed the new sim. Still no data, he even tried my sim in his phone. No data, they open a  trouble ticket. Infound out that another ticket needed to be open because that one had the wrong info again.


    Meanwhile, I have no data on my line only. I utilize my data for my job and routes check ins. I keep getting the run around, this a very awful experience for a new customer. Has anyone  had this issues.

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