Issue with Get out of the Red


    Switched 2 lines from VZW to T-mobile earlier this month. Rep in store helped me submit my bill for reimbursement. All went fine. I got confirmation of all good this week. When I went to look at it closer, one line had been approved, the other denied for eligibility issue. I traded in an SE (approved) and a 7 Plus (denied). On screen shots from Verizon, my 7 Plus doesn't show up. Just blank besides my number I ported, with the remaining payments listed and showing OK. Got my final bill from VZW and the lines don't show the phones either, they show up as "4G Smartphone PDI." I have my device agreement upon initial purchase and that aligns with my VZW bill showing the number as well as the model number of the phone. But I'm locked out on My Verizon and VZW says they have no idea why phones are listed as a generic '4G Smartphone PDI.' Anyone had this problem, or would the initial device installment agreement and a copy of the final bill from VZW suffice for resubmission? This is beyond ridiculous. Verizon is unreal.

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