T-Mobile Name ID


    Hello Team of Experts! I currently am on T-Mobile ONE plan with a S9 + and am paying $4/Month for Name ID (Shows the name that the number is listed under) but doesn't appear to work. I only see the number of people when they call it they are not in my contact List. I have read Docs that mention of an app labeled Name ID either in Play Store available for download or a preloaded app. I do not have the App preloaded and cannot locate T-Mobile Name ID anywhere within the Play Store. Be advised I have already called CARE, confirmed I am paying $4/month for the feature and have been on the phone with Tech Care for an hour & nobody can appear to resolve this issue. My friend (I believe this have an S8) has a Name ID app. They are able to perform reverse lookup and see numbers that are not in their contact list pop up with a name that the number is registered too! Please help! I am determined to get to the bottom of this! Thanks in advance!

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