24 Minutes gone missing!


    Hi, we are on the $3/month plan and yesterday I called the Dentist then realized it was Saturday and hung up before it answered. Call log shows the call as "0 seconds"


    Late yesterday afternoon I got a text from TMo saying "24 minutes of your 30 have been used." Say what??


    There had been ONE call in this billing period and that is the one to the Dentist yesterday.


    Is someone somehow stealing our phone number/account and making calls? It definitely was not us that has used up 24 minutes.


    Or is it a glitch with the TMo system? I know it is part of the free 30-miutes each month so not really a cost, but am worried that some one somehow has hacked into our account.


    How can we reclaim those 24 minutes?



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      • barcodeable

        Re: 24 Minutes gone missing!

        T-Mobile could be trying to persuade you to drop your current plan that has become a hassle to get you to migrate to the T-Mobile One Plan.




        If you are using an android phone.... some apps (that you have downloaded and allowed permissions to access the features of your phone) have the ability to send text messages and make calls from your phone....


        I would first look at my phone logs to see who called who and when..... and that would be the starting point.... then i would check to see what apps are capable of making calls using your minutes.... then i would contact T-Force on (Twitter/Facebook) and tell them what's going on

          • magenta2746429

            Re: 24 Minutes gone missing!

            Thanks for the reply. So we should pay more for services we do not need? The phone is only used when away from the house and as retired old folk, that is not very often. We make on average three short calls a month.


            The phone is running LineageOS (Android) and only has 19 Apps in total installed all of which come with LineageOS. That allows me to individually control which Apps get which Permissions and I have 18 of them OFF for the phone except for the dialer. That's why the call log is showing what it is showing.


            As I mentioned the log shows  one call of 0-seconds (Dentist) and two incoming spam texts. At worst it should be showing 27-minutes left and not 24-used.


            I did call 611 and got a .... who just kept reciting "you must have made 24 one-minute calls." DUH!! As for face-plant and twotter, as a retired IT professional, only Lemmings and fools hand over their personal details to those services. Did you read about the recent face-plant data leak?


            Thanks for trying to help, but I guess we just have to write it off as customer service is sadly lacking.

              • smplyunprdctble

                Re: 24 Minutes gone missing!

                The "problem" is you have a prepaid account, which does not have call logs.

                So, trying to debug these lost 24 minutes is impossible.  Whatever the logic, T-Mobile does not keep logs for prepaid accounts.  So, you cannot look at what caused it.


                There ARE apps out there (even default for a phone) that uses text messages to do whatever for whatever reason.  They intercept before they make it to your text app, so they're not visible to you.  I don't know any of these apps, but they do exist (I've seen them in the past on my account).  You should be able to look at app permissions to determine which have access to text messages (doesn't necessarily mean you'll find the culprit that way).  It's generally some "check in" ping, which SHOULD be able to be done via a internet connection, but I digress.  You have app developers to blame for this.


                The only app I've seen dial something was my car -- Nissan Send-to-Car did dials via my cell phone to get locations I saved via Google Maps.


                24 hidden text messages does seem a little excess for a day. 

                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: 24 Minutes gone missing!

                  Hey, magenta2746429!


                  That's definitely a puzzler and it sounds like we haven't been much help over the phone. Some helpful answers have been given by our Pillars which includes contacting T-Force. They're our social media team that works via Facebook and Twitter. They're very experienced with prepaid accounts and might be able to help get to the bottom of this.

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: 24 Minutes gone missing!

                Happy Friday, magenta2746429!


                I just wanted to chime in once more to see if you were able to get to the bottom of this via T-Force through Twitter or Facebook.


                Keep us updated!