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    We are thinking about switching to tmobile with a family of 4. One phone does need to be bought out of the contract and we were thinking about using the Carrier Freedom but wanted to know how long after using Carrier freedom would that line be eligible to use deals on phones like the BOGO LG phone deal? Also if one like uses carrier freedom I'm guessing the other 3 lines would be fully eligible for any deals and just the single line would be restricted, is this correct?

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      • tmo_marissa

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        Hey, dreadknite! If you decide to switch, do you think you'd be willing to hang around here with that intimidating username and act as our muscle? I kid, I kid!..


        We'd love to have your family join us. Carrier Freedom™ is a fantastic opportunity, but I think it's great that you're asking questions about promos that don't stack.


        To be honest, I'd recommend that we check specific promotion details for you to answer these questions, because the terms can vary. Using the recent LG BOGO for reference, the line that you redeem Carrier Freedom for won't be able to participate -- but two of your other lines could (not necessarily all three, because you have to buy one to get one -- but maybe there would be another offer that would be a good fit for that third line). And although I can't guarantee that this is the case with every promotion, no line that had participated in Carrier Freedom within the past 45 days was eligible for the LG BOGO offer.


        Was there a particular current promo you were considering? I'm happy to take a look and snag the details for you -- even if that's just making sure that they're the same as the promo I used as an example, better safe than sorry!

        • tmo_amanda

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          Hey, dreadknite!


          Did you have a chance to read the info Marissa sent over the weekend? If so, do you have any questions that we can answer for you? 

          • tmo_marissa

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            Howdy! Just wanted to see if there were any details we could look up for you! Please let me know if you'd like some more assistance -- we're here if you need us!