Overcharging for T-Mobile Military Plan


    I have switched to the T-Mobile Military Plan, but my monthly charge is going too high.  From the T-Mobile website it says the plan is: “It’s 20% off the first line and Half Off up to five additional voice lines. The first line is $55 with AutoPay – normally $70. And it’s Half Off after that, up to six lines – just $25 for the second line and $10 per line for the third through sixth lines with AutoPay.”


    For 5 lines with autopay, my monthly plan should be $55+$25+$10+$10+$10 which is $110 per month.  I have a screen shot from my account showing my monthly charge will be $125. 


    What's going on?

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      • tidbits

        Re: Overcharging for T-Mobile Military Plan

        Did you just switch to the plan?  Did you just start service?  Did you look at your full detail billing to see?


        If you just started autopay the credit may not apply due until it actually goes into effect.  It may take up to 2 billing cycles before autopay is actually on.

          • ed243

            Re: Overcharging for T-Mobile Military Plan

            Autopay has been on for 11 months.  Just switched to military plan and it takes affect on 5/7.  When I look at the plan changes shown online in my account, it shows my new monthly payment will be $125 rather than $110.  It shows the first two lines will be $80 (which is correct, $55+$25) and each additional line will be $15 (which is wrong, should be $10).  Just spent 90 minutes online with T-Force.  They say they can't change what it shows in my account but it will somehow magically bill correctly.