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    Can I leave a T-mobile employee review anywhere?

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      • tmo_mike_c

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        Hey magenta4753749  and thanks for posting.


        We don't really have an official employee review option here on support. If you'd like, you can reply to my private message and I'll make sure I get your review sent to the right folks on my internal team. We always appreciate any feedback so please let me know. Thanks!

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        • kasantos23

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          T-Mobile Location: Rockaway Blvd, Rosedale, NY


          This review is about a specific sales rep at this location: Artamere. I've been going to this location for quite sometime now and never had any customer service issues and typically spend no more than 30 minutes. I had came to purchase a new phone as well as "jump" the current iPhone I had as I still had a balance left. The sales rep had asked if I backed up my phone which I had before completely wiping it clean. However, didn't transfer everything to the new phone to confirm which most sales reps do. She then realized that my MacBook was still attached to the cloud on the current phone and rather than signing off my iCloud completely -- she erased 11 years worth of memories and information on my Mac which has been unretrievable.


          I went back in the following day after realizing what happened. T-Mobile did nothing to compensate for this although I've been a loyal customer for 15 years. Aside from the on going nightmare -- I still wanted to proceed on getting a new phone. I was working with Kenton (supervisor) as well as another new sales rep -- they inspected my current phone another time and realized there was a hairline scratch on the screen. They had said those scratches were never there. They took back the offer they gave me last night and couldn't authorize the jump as I was sitting there crying after all the inconvenience and things they took from me. The most they offered me was $100 to compensate for everything. A $100 credit towards my T-mobile family plan.


          I am disgusted and dumbfounded with the incompetent, unhelpful, unprofessional, and negligent sales reps that represent the storefront of this company. I will never be going back to this location as I've lost all trust and desire to work any further with them.


          I will be filing a complaint to corporate in regards to the staff that had failed to assist me and will be sure that they all get reprimanded for being improperly trained.

          • magenta7978217

            Re: Employee Review

            Please pass this commendation to right department:


            Please extend my commendation to Richard and Ryan at the Pacific Commons, Fremont, California location.  They are both very professional and provided me with beyond excellent customer service.  Ryan and Richard have high caliber skills in making sure that the customer is helped and will have a five star experience with their service.  Their courteousness, attentiveness and willingness to help are very commendable.  T Mobile is very lucky for hiring sales professionals that carry an impressive reputation for the company.