Unable to get more than 2GB of data now?


    I used to have a 6GB data plan, 2GB plan with an added 4GB that I put onto the plan, and I would need that data most months, but then I didn't so I cut it back to just 2GB. Now I know next month I am going to go over this 2GB, so I wanted to up my plan to atleast 6GB or just unlimited, but all the options are now gone for me to go above 2GB data. Has it just been removed from T-Mobile to get over 2GB on a single line plan? Everytime I check on my plan it just lets me go down to 0GB or stay at my 2GB, and does not have the option to add on the extra 4GB that it used to. It also means that the data stash that is advertised and Binge On are no longer offered if you can't change to over a 2GB plan.

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