WIFI calling/messaging no longer working


    Last week, my wifi calling and SMS stopped working on my iphone SE.  No errors.. Nothing to ask to update my E911.. I called t-mobile for assistance twice, once the agent sent a "WIFI extender" (sorry, doesn't work if there is absolutely no signal in the area..)  and the other time, we reset my router, modem, network settings, both hard and soft reset on the phone, restored from an old back and udated my e911 address three times.  T-mobile can't figure it out, even after bumping up the tech support ladder.  Apple confirmed it was not a software or device problem.  Interestingly enough, we have two phones on the same network, using the same WIFI, all the settings are exactly the same. The other (primary) phone works perfectly on WIFI. I also called and asked to re-enable/reset my WIFI calling.  IMessages work,  Facetime works.  Can even make calls through our Amazon device.  I have tried/repeated all the above steps while WIFI was also turned off, and were on the TMobile network. I have wasted days on this, with no progress - especially concerning, is that we chose to use the TMobile network specifically for the WIFI calling feature, because we spend a significant amount of time at another residence that has absolutely no Tmobile service, and rely on WIFI to communicate exclusively.


    Does anyone have any further suggestions before I start to look for an alternate carrier?  I'm really frustrated at this point and at my wits end.


    I also saw on the site that someone was searching for corporate support contacts, and were able to rectify a similar problem very quickly.

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        Re: WIFI calling/messaging no longer working

        I had trouble with Wi-Fi calling turning off. T-Mobile was not able to help me. After much research, I figured out it was a SIM problem. I have an android phone, Samsung Galaxy S9 so not sure this will work for your Apple. But if you go into the app that are installed on on your phone, there should be a listing for a  SIM tool kit. Click on SIM tool kit clear all cache and data and reboot phone. My Wi-Fi calling came backup and has it gone down since. If

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