iPhone X locked by T-mobile (Unique case)


    I am sure this is the most unique case in this community, so I request you to read through it carefully.


    Last Saturday I bought new iPhone from bestbuy. I paid full amount for this and did not purchase any carrier plan with it. The first thing I did with this iPhone was insert MINT SIM into it. It worked fine, it is still working fine with mint sim.


    Now when I insert another sim card into my iPhone, it dose not work. The error is:


    This iPhone has to be unlocked to work with new sim. Please contact your carrier to unlock the iPhone.


    I inserted MINT sim again and everything works fine.


    I contacted Apple about this, they said that my iPhone is locked with T-mobile. I argued that I never have used T-mobile, I never had T-mobile number, I never inserted any T-Mobile SIM into my iPhone. Then they realized that only Mint SIM runs on T mobile network, hence when I first inserted MINT sim into my new iPhone, it got locked to T-mobile network.


    Apple's response:

    As per apple policy only carrier can unlock the iPhone and no one else. So please contact T-mobile/Mint Sim about this.



    T-Mobiles's response:

    I contacted T mobile about it, but they said as I am not their direct customer, they won't be able to help me out. Contact MINT sim with your problem.


    Mint SIM's response:

    Your device has been locked to T-Mobile's network. Unfortunately, Mint SIM does not lock or unlock devices because we do not sell phones and we are a prepaid company. We advise you to go to a T-Mobile store for assistance from one of their technician.


    I have been bouncing between Apple, T-mobile and MINT customer support for past 5 days and nothing is actually helping the problem which occurred due to inserting mint sim into new iPhone.


    How can I unlock my device for which I paid full amount but not able to use independently over any carrier due to carrier locking? I want to unlock this phone internationally so that when I travel back to India, it should work with any network/carrier.


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