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    I plan on switching from AT&T to T-Mobile since the new military plan is very tempting. However, I'm still paying off my iPhone through AT&T. i understand if I want to bring my iPhone over to T-Mobile, I need to have it unlocked which would require me to pay off the balance on my phone. My question is, will T-mobile help pay it off in the form of bill credits via Carrier Freedom? I went to a store and they were very vague on how it works and after I called the help line, they implied that I HAVE to trade in my phone which I do not want to do. So how can I go about switching to T-Mobile, keeping my phone, and receive the $650 via bill credits?

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      • flip01002003

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        I just went through this same mess.  The store I went to set me up with a new account and transfered mine and my daughter's phone numbers, but we had to wait to transfer my wife's number because her phone was still being paid off.  What the store failed to tell me: IF T-MOBILE PAYS OFF YOUR AT&T PHONE, YOU MUST TRADE THE PHONE INTO T-MOBILE AND PURCHASE A NEW ONE.  I feel like stores are failing to tell people about this on purpose, maybe to increase their store's sales.  Apparently I'm not the only one having these issues.  They really screwed me, because had I known that day, instead of finding out 4 days later, I could have taken advantage of the BOGO iPhones and got myself a new one as well.  So in recap, if T-Mobile pays off your phone thorugh AT&T, you must give them your phone and purchase a new one through them.

        • misty.vince.1222

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          We went through this same process and went down to the corporate store countless times to get the final bill. Turned out I had to highlight and do the deceive work on the paperwork for them. I found if I submitted 3 papers they only looked at the 1st one. It took almost 8 months and then I was charged crazy money from AT&T. I had to prove one of the number didn’t show up as a port and only showed up as a new line. There was a kid named dj at the Melbourne Florida store who finally got ahold of the right person and T-Mobile did honor the gift cards and paid that months bill to make up the difference of the AT&T charge because it truly was there the entire time. I was very happy and enjoyed kinda finding the erro. It even helped a lady that was in line behind me With the same issue

          • tmo_mike_c

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            Hi there and thanks for posting.


            If you're looking to take advantage of the device credit from our Carrier Freedom™  offer, this would require a trade-in. You can take a look at that link for more info on how it all works.