No T mobile service in our area for last 4 days


    No T mobile service in our area for last 4 days



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      • tmo_chris

        Hey magenta4770337 


        Sorry to hear you have been without coverage! I just took a closer look at the area and I don't see any known outages but there is some modernization (upgrades) going on but that should not keep you from getting signal for 4 days. Is this still happening? If so, are you able to get coverage in other locations?


        I also edited your screen shot to take off your second monitor and hide your address for your security.

          • magenta4770337

            Dear Chris,

            Thank you for your relpy.and appreciate you.

            Still the problem is persisting in this area. If we move one mile awayfrom this area the mobile is working perfectly. Other users also facing same problem. Other mobiles providers like Ultra and Lyca also have the same problem. Sprint and Varison users don't have any problem. So every body want move to that providers service within days.

            So do something needful to solve this problem or send your technicians to check the situation here.

            Thanks and regards.



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