How do I make sure I'm on Wi-Fi calling?


    Please help! I think I may be mistakenly racking up an expensive roaming bill this month.


    • I am using a Samsung S9+ that I purchased overseas.
    • I'm in Thailand at the moment but am on the T-Mobile ONE plan which includes Free Wifi calling.
    • On my settings, on the settings for "Use Wi-Fi to make and receive calls whenever prossible", I have it set to Wi-Fi preferred.
    • I've been making calls back to the US for work while on a very strong Wi-Fi connection at my overseas residence, but got a text from T-Mobile saying:


    "Caution! As of 04/27/2018, your T-Mobile account reflects $56.80 of talk charges in this bill cycle. Charges include international calls and calls to premium-rate numbers. To avoid possible service suspension please contact Customer Care at 611 or if roaming internationally at +1-505-998-3793."


    Am I missing something here to verify that I'm on Wi-Fi calling? Are my settings right? Do I need to download an app?



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