LGV10 replaced three times


    Ive had the LGV10 for a year and starting back about 6 months ago I have had to replace it 3 times. The same issue keeps repeating itself. It randomly freezes, cuts off then will not tirn back on no matter what. The most recent occurrence happened this past Saturday when it turned off and would not respond AGAIN. Had tmobile send another phone out Sunday. I went yesterday (Tuesday) to pick it up. As the store manager was setting up the new phone, it cut off!! I wasn't even able to walk the phone out of the store. I was furious. The manager tried to alleviate the situation but the only option I had was to send another phone out to me, which meant I had to go at least 2 more days without a phone or upgrade my phone which meant my bill would increase. I have 2 more payments left on my device and I would have owned it. My bill would have lowered and I would have been able to enjoy the benefits of having a paid off device and a lower bill. I do not want to increase my bill. That's not acceptable. Why am I being punished because your devices do not work??? So I called customer service. I spoke with 8 different people and spent 2 hours on the phone. While speaking with one person from tech support, I requested to speak with a supervisor because he wasn't being helpful and he said he was the supervisor and there is no one higher than him. Smh clearly I must have been speaking to the CEO then lol. He instead transferred me to the loyalty department (I couldn't find the loyalty). When speaking with this gentleman I came to find out the last person I spoke to lied about being a supervisor and clearly denied me the request of speaking with his superior. I then requested to speak with the manager in the loyalty department and he then hung up on me. 8 different people and 2 hours on the phone, just to be hung up on. I use my phone for work and had to purchase a phone yesterday so i can my bills (my tmobile bill included). This has been the worse experience ever with a phone company and I am strongly considering leaving after 5 years. Unacceptable!!!!

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        Re: LGV10 replaced three times

        Oh man, I'm so sorry to see you have had so many issues. Device issues get a little tricky because we are your network provider, not the device manufacturer. That's why we are so open to customers bringing their own devices, purchasing from retailers other than us, etc. Our primary focus is the network the devices are used on and our role surrounding the devices themselves are pretty limited.


        That said, there's no excuse for a representative to give misinformation about their role or refuse you a supervisor, and especially not hang up on you. It is true we are pretty limited in what we can do regarding another device, we facilitate the warranty exchange for the manufacturer or warranty provider, not for ourselves, so it's why another device typically isn't swapped out and the process is through the mail.


        If you'd like us to pass your experience along so we can have the representatives looked into, we would be happy to do so and can send a PM once you confirm. While what we can do in the situation is limited, there is no excuse for that sort of treatment and we certainly apologize.