Military discount for families of deceased veterans?


    Lots of questions, hope someone from T-Mobile can help answer:

    1. How does T-Mobile ONE Military Phone Plans | Discounts & More | T-Mobile work for families of deceased veterans?
    2. Does the surviving spouse become the primary account holder when the veteran is deceased?
    3. How is T-Mobile handling records verification for veterans affected by The 1973 Fire, National Personnel Records Center | National Archives?
    4. How does T-Mobile handle families who switch from a T-Mobile One account (in good standing) to the military phone plan?
    5. What happens to an EIP for accounts that switch to the military plan?
    6. The T&C don't mention the absence of Kickback (a poor name when applied to military) discount, so it that one of the discounts lost in "existing customers who switch may lose certain benefits"?
    7. Does T-Mobile Tuesday apply to military plans?


    THANKS in advance for clarification!

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      • tmo_chris

        Great questions! I am going to do my best to answer these for you!


        For the first question, do you know if you are a Gold Star family member? If so, when verifying your status on  you will choose the Active/GoldStar option in order to edit the name field from the Billing Responsible Party to the military person and will be required to upload a DD1300 to complete verification. If you are not a Gold Star member, you would unfortunately not qualify.


        For the rest of the questions,


        2) If you have not already done so, we would need to complete a change of responsibility on the account to have it in your name. This is something our care teams can assist you with over the phone.


        3) This is an interesting question. In order to qualify for the plan, you would need to complete the military status verification online.


        4) The change is simple   Our care teams can assist you with the rate plan change over the phone.


        5) Existing EIP remains the same. If you purchase a new Samsung GS8 Active, GS9 or GS9+ on EIP you get it for 50% off via bill credits (up to 3 devices)


        6) With this plan being so heavily discounted, the kickback offer is not eligible but you can still take advantage of the of the AutoPay credits which is automatically added when you set up auto pay ($5 per T-Mobile ONE line, up to 8 lines / $40 max credit)


        7) Of course

          • magenta2738723

            Thanks for the responses!


            The response to question 2 is still unclear, so let me pose it differently with an example:

            • Jane Doe served in the USAF during Vietnam, was honorably discharged and issued a DD214, died in 2016 of natural causes. Does her spouse, John Doe, and children qualify for the T-Mobile military discount? Her official military records were destroyed in the 1974 fire, but her family still has a copy of the original DD214.


            There are going to be many thousands of veteran families who fit this example.


            As one comparison, such families qualify for USAA. Jane's widower also qualifies to buy from a base PX where he might be told, "T-Mobile says you don't qualify because Jane didn't die in combat."


            Clarification in the T&C for this example will go a long way to setting accurate expectations with potential customers and preserving T-Mobile's reputation.


            I must agree with most of the points raised here by alissa914 and magenta2738723.  My co-worker is the 'non-remarried surviving spouse" (to use the DoD verbiage used for most benefits) of a veteran who lost his life in an attack in a foreign country working during his post-military retirement as a GS civilian employee.  She took his DD214 to T-Mobile only to be told 'You're spouse is dead so you don't qualify'.  WTH?!  You announce this program shortly before Memorial Day and exclude a HUGE swath of families who qualify for things like MHS (Tricare) coverage, etc...but not a T-Mobile discount.  Very bad optics there.


            Pretty much seems like "We understand your spouse and family sacrificed much but you don't qualify since your spouse isn't alive."   Probably a good idea T-Mo didn't have some Memorial Day promo to T-Mo Tuesday.  I'm sure that would have rubbed alissa914, magenta2738723, and many others the wrong way.


            Also, I raised this issue a week ago to the T-Mo back offices, no response.  Other entities extend benefit to surviving spouses so there is what could be deemed a 'standard industry practice' here.  T-Mobile just seems unwilling to follow it.

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