How can I return my JOD devices ?


    How can I return my JOD devices ?! The store in my town has employees who don’t know how to do it. Was there for an hour while they searched the computer aimlessly trying to figure it out !

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: How can I return my JOD devices ?

        Oh my goodness, magenta4747256! I'm so sorry to read about the time you spent in the store. JOD returns actually do have to be completed by retail because they need to be physically inspected when checked in -- there isn't an alternative option, I'm afraid. The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) code that's assigned to JOD devices when you complete a JUMP On Demand to JUMP On Demand upgrade is for in-store return only.

        The good news is that the store employees have a number they can dial to contact an internal team who can walk them through this process! If we didn't give them a call the first time, we dropped the ball -- I'm super sorry about that. Is this the only store near you?