PIN number required for account but I have never set one up


    I have never set the account up with a PIN but keep getting asked for one to make changes. How do I request the current PIN or change it online? Or do I need to change it at a store or on the phone?

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      • bryan1144

        If you didn't set one up, it's probably the last 4 digits of your SSN.

        • magenta4751153

          I have tried that, the last four of my number and other ones but none are working. I am calling them tomorrow to get it corrected. I was hoping I could do it online but it is not possible.

          • dc5fan

            Here is what I found to set up a PIN: Call 611 from your phone or 1-800-937-8997; tell the Customer Care person that you want to add a PIN/passcode to your account; it is to be 6-15 digit passcode. The PIN/passcode is asked everytime you call 611 (Customer Care). I tried to copy and paste the info, but I guess it can't be done. Do a search on "Keep your account safe". There are 10 things suggested to do that. Hope that helps.

              • erito1

                The process is flawed. It sucks. I called because they canceled my account, OK, that's fine, Ican still login my t-mobile app via wifi and my phone, and was able to chat customer service, and ask if I pay my due balance $954.02 will my service be restored, he replies yes. He has me put the card info ask me if I accept and all went threw nicely. He sendcanned msg. Wait 2 hours and restart phone, and you should be good. I do so and still nothing. I call and they ask for the pin and don't help with out it. I access my via my computer, change my authentication questions, it sends me a PIN, in the web Site. I call again they see all the activity, that I logon an such, but don't help, because, guess what, no Pin... So frustrated, no two factor verificacion... This sad. I COULD UNDERSTAND IF I AM UNABLE TO MISS OTHER so called authentication methods but damn.

                  • dc5fan

                    I am not an employee of T-Mobile. There is something called T-Force, that may be called something else. You can reach them if you have a FaceBook or Twitter account. I don't do the media thing. Try calling 611, again, and choose the TROUBLESHOOT option. If you live in the US do you live close to a store. Hopefully if one of the members read this may know more than I do, and can offer more support.

                • syaoran

                  In some cases, it is the last 4 digits of the main number on an account that has multie numbers on it.  If it isn't and it isn't the last 4 of your SSN, I would call back Customer Care, insist to speak to a supervisor, and get this mess resolved.  The T-Force team should be able to resolve it as well, but they are going to expect you to enter that PIN for verification.