Apple BOGO rebate


    Hi , i purchased 2 iphone x in the 3rd week of march for getting the benefit of Apple BOGO, THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON I PURCHASED 2 IPHONE X. I met all the requirements for getting those BOGO benefits, like


    --- Ported in a new Line,

    --- Purchased both deives in EIP

    --- Traded an eligible Device

    --- Maintaining Tmobile ONE Plan


    I guess these were only the main and mandatory reasons for the BOGO to be Processed,

    After purchasing both the devices I called a number which is suggested by a tmobile store representative for the rebate to be processed. I gave all the information he asked for, IMEI numbers for both the devices, phone numbers, address etc.., He asked me to wait for 6-8 weeks for the rebate to process successfully.

    And all this happened on 20th of March. And now today (i.e., April 23) i tracked my rebate status online and saw it was denied on 20th of April, I contacted Tmobile and after a COUPLE OF HOURS later, they finally said that the rebate cannot be processed as I ported a Tmobile partner Network, And I argued that this is not one of the reasons to deny my rebate, because the only requirements I saw to get the BOGO rebate was those four conditions and I met them successfully, and I NEVER EVER saw that a tmobile partner is not eligible for this offer, moreover i dont even know until this moment hat The network i ported was a Tmobile's partner, and they said as it was not mentioned, and it's our bad, we cannot help you with the BOGO Rebate, and said all they can do is a 100$ Credit into my account! As soon as they sent this message in our chat, they stopped replying me.


    So, is this what for I purchased 2 expensive devices, and traded in my old device for just 14$, ported in a new line, paying too much for plan and EIP? So i need my rebate to process successfully or else just take back my devices and refund me my money.


    And guys can anyone of you help me, how to make this problem resolved for me,

    Thanking you,


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