Customer Service didn't set up  plan correctly, now they want to charge me $20.00 more a month


    I called in back in March to change my family plan to the One plan with Netflix. At that time the man said he set it up to start with my next billing cycle (April 7th). Fast forward to this month when my daughter gets a text that she's about to exceed her data plan. I called into the support center who showed the call took place but had no record of the change.He would not honor the promotional price. I asked for a supervisor, he said she's busy but wouldn't be able to do anything for me anyway. Then i asked for her supervisor, I was told that's as far as it goes and no one would be able to give me the promotional price anyway. I find it hard to believe there's no one else I can talk to about this. He shows the date i called in but the person at that time didn't document anything. Any one have a better number i can call?

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