Youtube not working on cellular data.


    When I use data Youtube doesnt load videos and doesn't work when trying to use on browser. This happens outside when on data. I'm using a Samsung galaxy s8+ and I'm on Tmobile one plan.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Youtube not working on cellular data.

        Whoa, that's funky joshbato! Has this always happened, or did it start recently? What sort of troubleshooting steps have you gone through so far -- I don't want to ask you to repeat anything!

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Youtube not working on cellular data.

          Hey, joshbato!


          We want to help you get back to enjoying YouTube videos and browsing the web while outside. It sounds like this is due to coverage. Please follow these steps to get to the bottom of why this may be happening and what your next step is to get it back up and running! Please keep us updated!




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          • magenta6974400

            Re: Youtube not working on cellular data.

            I wanted to thank the writer of this past for identifying the issue to help me to come up with a solution. I was having the same issue with a couple phones when we switched out plan. It did ended up being the data stash issue mentioned in this post. In addition, I noticed T-Mobile; however, made me jump through the hoops and open up a trouble ticket. Anyways, I have yet to receive a call back to resolve the issue. I was able to find another way around the issue.   


                  Fix problem by:

            1. Turn off WiFi

            2. Go to the phone dialer on your phone

            3.  Dial   #263#

            4. A message will come across explaining data stash has been removed.

            5. Restart your phone.


            Start watching YouTube videos and Netflix.

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            • bakahyatt

              Re: Youtube not working on cellular data.

              I got a new iphone XR at the end of 2018 and switched to the tmobile one plan and had this same problem.

              During my initial call to tmobile support, the rep told me this was a problem on google's end and there was nothing they could do to fix it.


              Fast forward to Feb 2019...

              After spending an hour on the phone with apple care troubleshooting the phone itself we could not fix the problem.


              The next day the apple care associate and I both called tmobile and they were able to fix the problem.

              Apparently the problem was due to conflicting services on my data plan. My old plan had some sort of streaming package and it was not updated when I changed to tmobile one. Once the tmobile rep removed this from my plan I was able to use youtube again.


              Hope this helps someone because when I was searching for possible fixes this thread was the ONLY thing I could find.

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