Verizon s7 unable to activate advance calling ( Wifi calling )


    Verizon s7 unable to activate advance calling ( Wifi calling )


    I have a unused s7 from Verizon. SIM has been inserted and able to use text/cellular as long as I have connection.  I can use wifi and browse around but not able to receive text or calls.  Anyone else come across this?  Does the s7 need to be unlocked by Verizon?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Sounds like the device does indeed need to be unlocked


        It will work on WiFi, but to use network it would need to be unlocked!



        • magenta7265969

          Just switched from Verizon. They told me none of the smartphones are locked, at least not on a traditional plan. But my S7 and S6 are not nearly as good for coverage as my Verizon S8 and the T-Mobile S9 that I got. Weird and very disappointing.

            • drnewcomb2

              Samsung has been very happy to "optimize" the phones they make for the various carriers so that they have exactly the features needed by that carrier and no one else. Despite the fact that in many cases the hardware is identical. Apple has been willing to say "No" to the carriers in this regard. So, Apple phones tend to be more carrier-agnostic than Samsungs.


              One thing that some people do is to reflash a phone with the version of the ROM used by the carrier they are now using. In many cases this makes the phone act identical to the current carrier's version. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a generic ROM that has the bells and whistles needed to make the phones agnostic.

                • syaoran

                  Samsung does offer a non-carrier specific firmware when you buy a device directly from them.  Most refer to that firmware as, U1.  Carrier specific firmwares for the US are U.  Flashing to the U1 firmware will not get you an equal experience to the carrier specific U firmwares.  For T-Mobile, WiFi Callings works on the U1 firmware but most other carrier WiFi Calling doesn't.


                  Carriers restrict certain features to their firmware versions for various reasons, the main one being device sales.  You can flash to AT&T as the best example and there will be no different than you buying one from AT&T except... AT&T will mot sllow your device to use VoLTE, WiFi Calling  and so on because your IMEI is not provisioned as an AT&T purchased device.  If you flash to the T-Mobile U firmware, everything works because T-Mobile does not restrict your device features based on where you bought it.  That said, the hardware is the same for sll Samsung models sold in North America, but the different firmwares decide what features are available and what bands are enabled for use.