I don't know how much the representatives are trained but due to miscommunication with the lady who helped me to switch from my previous carrier to t-mobile I am stuck in a big problem.

    Long story short, I switched 2 lines from a previous carrier with the help of representative who promised me that I will be reimbursed for the early termination fees and mobiles financing with the previous carrier (up to $650 per line), during the call she also offered me buy Samsung galaxy S9 and get one for free which I agreed to. After few days i found by accident that I can't take an advantage of 2 promotions at once (I am sure the call I made with that representative was recorded but nobody is interested to hear it). After 2 weeks of calling customer service they asked me to give up one of the promotions (while it was the representative mistake) but I agreed to pay extra $30 a month as I need to payoff my previous carrier. Now, even after I gave up the second promotion I call customer service each day twice and they put me on hold, give me promises, and promotional codes I need to place but nothing is working. The funny part that I sent them my trade-in mobiles (2 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus) and I didn't benefit anything from that!!!! I am stuck now owing my previous carrier a lot of money, lost my 2 mobiles, and paying extra $30 for t-mobile each month!!!

    Can anybody guide me how solve this problem? I am sick of calling many times each day with no serious solution for my problem.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Frustrated

        Yikes, moe1982! First off, I'm so sorry to read over everything you've been through. I can absolutely understand why anyone would want to participate in both of these offers, and I am sorry to read that you weren't informed that they can't be stacked. It sounds like you've been through the wringer trying to figure out if both were possible, and then now that you've determined which one you need the most, you're still bumping into trouble trying to participate in Carrier Freedom™.
        Are you not able to complete a submission on the Switch2T-Mobile site at all? What does the error message say?
        As far as your trade-in devices are concerned; they should either have had a zero dollar value because of the promotion payout (in which case you would see the promotional credits on the account), or they would have had an actual value, and that goes towards your T-Mobile bill (the way that Carrier Freedom works is that you'd have your ETF/device balances from your previous carrier, minus the bill credit for your trade-ins, and then the difference would be the prepaid virtual card). I know you mentioned that you're not receiving the promotional credits, right? Did you at any point get any lump-sum credits on your bill for the trade-ins? If you pull up MyTMobile, are you able to check your trade-in status there and see any value assigned to them?
        This is definitely a sticky situation; and we need a team with account access to help make sure you're able to participate in one of these promos -- and figure out, either way, what happened to those trade-in phones! It sounds like you have made more than your fair share of calls in to Care. Are you active on social media by any chance?
        Our T-Force team on Twitter and Facebook are stellar account specialists, and we often hear rave reviews from Community members who are stuck in unusual situations like this. If you'd like, you could even link to this thread or copy and paste your post so that you don't have to explain your situation all over again!

          • moe1982

            Re: Frustrated

            I would really appreciate any type of help!

            There is no balance in my account at all, even they send me some promotional codes and they asked me to register through but it didn't work too.

            My trade-in are both delivered and it shows that somebody signed when he received them. At least this is what it shows from my end.

            This is the error message I keep receiving on Switch2T-Mobile site "Your Reimbursement was not submitted within the valid promotion dates as required by the Reimbursement offer's terms. Reimbursement forms must be submitted within two calendar months of activation to qualify."