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    I need help. I have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, still making payments. Few days ago, my phone got black listed by Tmob. Upon calling Tmob, I found out that it was a mistake by Tmob and representative apologized and whitelist my phone right away. After that, i have been trying to temporarily unlock my device using Device Unlock App but o have been getting the following error "DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED BY YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER. PLEASE CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE". I have tried contacting Tmobile few times already and my case has been escalated but all I get is an email from tmobile giving me the instructions on how to use the unlocking app. The phone's software is not altered in anyway and I have tried using the app while on Wi-Fi and tmobile 4g. Guys I need help I am traveling out of country soon. Is there anyone who can help?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Device Unlock App Not Workin

        Hrmmm -- magenta4741063, with upcoming international travel, I can see why this is a high priority issue! First off, the accidental blacklist is a huge bummer. I'm glad that was corrected, but it stinks if it's causing background problems still! Is your S7E connected to the network, or on WiFi when you're trying to complete the unlock through the app? While we can't take a look at the account history from this public user forum, one thing I do want to let you know is that an unlock escalation is sent to an offline team; so you'd still receive the standard email reply while the offline team is working the request in the background. Our T-Force team on Twitter and FB should be able to look at the notes and make sure that an escalation request was sent -- are you active on social media at all? In those channels we have a secure platform to verify your account! It's possible that this is something that's still just being worked on, but we'd definitely like for you to have the peace of mind of knowing that.

        • tmo_mike_c

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          Have you tried reaching out to our T-Force team via the social channels above? I agree Marissa, they should be able to get this taken care of for you.

          • tmo_mike_c

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            Just curious if you've reached out to our T-Force team. Please keep us updated on how things are going.

            • magenta4741063

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              I did contact T-Force people through Facebook and they were able to exchange the phone for me. Apparently something happened when the phone got blacklisted, therefore, phone was not being recognized by T-Mobile's unlocking server. Anyway, phone has been exchanged and the replacement S7 Edge is now unlocked.