Looking for help...we moved last week and at our new location we have no service at all.  We have Wi-Fi calling turned on and are able to use data for the internet and apps but in order to use phone and texts we have to disable and then re enable Wi-Fi calling everytime, this is just frustrating not to mention all the missed incoming calls and texts that we have missed.  Verizon has excellent service at our location but I read that if we cancel we will be required to pay full amount left due on our devices at that time does anyone have any suggestions??

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        Noooo! I mean, congrats on your move!

        It's always the worst to hear that someone's had a major life change that should be super exciting -- only to wind up with no cell service. The disabling/re-enabling of WiFi calling is odd -- what kind of devices are your family using? Some have certain cellular/WiFi settings and I'd like to ask about yours, but it won't make sense depending on which type of phone you have. Do you have to do this many times throughout the day, or once you've done it do things seem to hold OK?


        Have you had a chance to reach out to our Care or Tech team and talk about a CellSpot? It's a coverage solution that uses your home internet to create a T-Mobile signal -- and unlike a Signal Booster, you don't need existing signal to amplify, the location just needs to be in an area that we technically cover (we must own spectrum and have a local E911 partnership where the CellSpot is located).


        I don't know how dire the situation is -- the CellSpot wouldn't solve problems driving through your new neighborhood if you're without service there as well, but I figured it might be worth checking on! We'd really hate to see you go. If that is the final and last resort, your understanding of an Equipment Installment Plan is correct -- you'd be responsible for paying off any remaining equipment balances so that you could own your devices outright. I really hope that a coverage solution like the CellSpot could prevent that necessity!

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          Just checking in to see if you still need some help. Please let us know. Thanks.

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            Marissa posted some great info. Please take a look and let us know if you still need some help. Thank you.