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    Oreo has been out for awhile now and marked as complete for the Note 8 Almost a month and half ago and yet I still haven't received the update.  I've been checking everyday since it was marked as complete.  What's the hold up?

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      • golferman56

        Re: Note 8 Oreo

        Same here! And nobody at Customer Support can tell us anything! Really? Somebody knows something!! Just keep your customer informed!

        • 74chevelle

          Re: Note 8 Oreo

          If it is approved and past testing, we should be able to manually install ahead of the rollout schedule. Is it possible that the first rollout caused problems?

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Note 8 Oreo

            Hey, folks. I wish I had better news to announce -- but it's not you, or your devices -- the Note 8 update has been temporarily paused.


            I'm sorry we're getting you these details so late in the game -- our teams learned late last week that the update was launched on 4/1/2018 as expected but held on 4/3/2018. We don't have a set date at this point for when the update will be resumed, but we're hoping it won't take too much longer. A contact who works with Samsung reached out to let us know, so we could pass the word on -- and if we hear anything else back, we will absolutely return to share it here. I understand that based on the experiences you're sharing here our frontline teams may not be caught up on the details yet -- we're so sorry for any inconvenience or time we've taken up trying to walk through updates with customers over the past few weeks.


            We've got a longer-running thread on this same topic here: No note 8 update yet, and to keep things tidy we're going to lock this thread. We'd like to direct all Note 8 OS update traffic there -- and if we hear any additional information we'll be sure to share there!