Number has old user name , how do i change it to my name?


    Bought the number from t mobile and when I call,  the name of the previous user shows up on the caller id.  HOW DO I CHANGE THE NAME?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Good morning, magenta1314186!


        We definitely need to get your Caller ID updated! Give these steps a shot and let me know if that fixes the Caller ID:


        Outgoing caller ID

        This is for problems with your name showing incorrectly on other people's phones.


        1. Check the type of account you have.
          • If you use a Prepaid account or are on a large government account, it does not include caller ID. Your caller ID displays as T-Mobile Wireless or Wireless Caller when working correctly.
          • If you use another type of account (such as postpaid), then continue to the next step.
        2. In your phone settings, find the Caller ID setting. It should be enabled to show the number or network default. (Visit the Devices page if you need help.)
        3. Uninstall any downloaded calling apps or caller ID apps.
        4. Restart the device.
        5. Have your contact confirm that your contact name is spelled correctly in their phone book.
        6. Have your contact check that they see correct caller ID from other cellular calls.
          • If they do not, they should contact their carrier to check account settings. They may need the feature added.
          • Some landline networks cannot display enhanced caller ID. In this case, it may only show some of your city/state, number, or Wireless caller.
        7. Call your contact again, and also call another mobile phone to test the caller ID.
        8. If your name has a misspelling or error on all outgoing calls, Contact Us to correct the account's caller ID registry.
          • T-Mobile needs to make these changes manually with our caller ID vendors.
          • Changes take up to 72 hours to complete.