When will the Note 8 Be Updated to Android Oreo?


    So here we sit, it's the 21st of April.  After checking on the Update Status page T-Mobile is stating that the update is complete and ready.
    This has been this way since the beginning of the month, but yet both my wife's Note 8 and mine are still on Android 7.1.1.  From what I've been reading no one either at T-Mobile Support or Tech Support seems to have a clue as to what's going on.


    I think as customers who have purchased a device with the price tag that it has (and in some cases more than one of these devices), I don't think that it's too much to ask to let your customers know here what is going on.


    Furthermore, if there is an issue with the update, why does your status site state that the update is completed?  Does anyone else here see the confusion that has been generated?


    I am asking a T-Mobile rep to go above and beyond, find the answer, and let us know.  I've read things from botched OTA updates, to terrible battery performance, even up to successful install.  The Galaxy 8 series of phones were not a cheap purchase for any of us, and I believe that instead of avoiding the question with "It will arrive within the next few weeks" as your blanket answer to all questions, we as customers certainly deserve a timeframe in which this is being distributed.  If you're going by IMEI, state this, if not, tell us what your plan is.  So far what I have read in the chats is honestly a blanketed way of telling your customers, "We don't have the answers, just wait and it will come to you" rather than saying, "We have released the update and over x number of days we are sending them to specific IMEI's.  If you would like to know when your update will arrive, here is a box to enter your IMEI to let you know between what dates your Note 8 will be updated.  We thank you for being a T-Mobile Customer and thank you for your patience."


    That is how you should approach this issue.


    Patiently waiting like everyone else for an answer...

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