I make a call but they can't hear me although i can hear them


    This started a couple of months ago with my old (very old) phone. I would make a call, I can hear the person but they can't hear me. I hang up and a second call works OK (usually, once in awhile it takes a third call to get audio both ways). I'm in the exact same location, seconds apart. I thought it was because my phone was so old, so I bought a new one, new SIM card too, had guys at T-Mobile store set it all up. But the third call i made with a brand new phone and SIM card and it happened again. I'm in a major metro area so coverage should not be a problem, especially if I'm standing in the exact same spot when the second call works. Any clues what is wrong or how to fix it? Absolutely nothing changes between the first call and the second, not the volume, nothing.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, katsn52!


        Eeesh, that would drive me nuts! Having to place three calls to finally get one that goes through?! Let's see if we can figure out what's going on.


        • Is this only happening in one specific area? If so, please provide me the zip code.
        • What make and model of phone did you purchase?
        • Have you already talked with Tech Care regarding this?


        I have to agree that this is an odd situation but we'll get to the bottom of it.

        • magenta5245257

          Having same problem - have a Motorola Z2 Force. This occurs in totally random places  - there is no pattern. it only happens sometimes, even in the SAME location.  And also, sometimes, some people can hear me, others cannot.  I looked it up and it seemed like there is apparently some issue with this particular phone, but as i am reading this,  if others with all kinds of phones have the same problem that would indicate it is the t-mobile network with the issue - not the hardware. If there is a reception problem that would also indicate its the network not the hardware.


          can anyone offer any real FIX for this? i've already checked the software and build and all the regular stuff.

          thanks for any info!!!

            • tmo_chris

              For these types of audio issues, the best way to get to the bottom of them is by collecting some very specific examples of this happening and reaching out to our tech support folks over the phone. Some of the info they will need is going to be:


              Number you called or that called you:
              Time and date the call took place:
              Was the audio issue persistent from the beginning of the call or did it start after you were on the call for a few minutes:
              Exact location you were in when the problem happened:


              If you could get 2-3 of these examples less than 24 hours old and contact our tech support folks, we can get it in from of our engineers. 

                • magenta5245257

                  well thanks but i feel that's not really going to help -  it is the entire call whether i call them or they call me - nobody on a landline can hear me. Period. All the time. Every call now. It started out a few weeks ago that they said i sounded far away, and I could move and they would be able ot hear better - still not clear, but workable. Now, they just cannot hear me at all. Ever. Specific calls and times are irrelevant cause it's every call at any time. wherever I am.

                  I have been researching this and it appears to be a known issue with this phone.... which does not make me feel very good about even getting a warranty replacement cause the same thing can possibly start to happen after a while on a new phone as well..  but I'm going to try it.

                  But I do thank you for responding.