I make a call but they can't hear me although i can hear them


    This started a couple of months ago with my old (very old) phone. I would make a call, I can hear the person but they can't hear me. I hang up and a second call works OK (usually, once in awhile it takes a third call to get audio both ways). I'm in the exact same location, seconds apart. I thought it was because my phone was so old, so I bought a new one, new SIM card too, had guys at T-Mobile store set it all up. But the third call i made with a brand new phone and SIM card and it happened again. I'm in a major metro area so coverage should not be a problem, especially if I'm standing in the exact same spot when the second call works. Any clues what is wrong or how to fix it? Absolutely nothing changes between the first call and the second, not the volume, nothing.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, katsn52!


        Eeesh, that would drive me nuts! Having to place three calls to finally get one that goes through?! Let's see if we can figure out what's going on.


        • Is this only happening in one specific area? If so, please provide me the zip code.
        • What make and model of phone did you purchase?
        • Have you already talked with Tech Care regarding this?


        I have to agree that this is an odd situation but we'll get to the bottom of it.

          • katsn52

            No specific area, several towns west of NYC, and once in upstate NY.

            07042, 07028, 07044, 07006, 10901


            Nokia 3310, not a T-Mobile phone, but an upgraded version of the original T-M phone I had (but still very much a no-frills phone).


            No, haven't talked to Tech Care, not a clue how to reach them.


            I have one week before I go on a trip where I will NEED this to work properly.

              • tmo_chris

                Thanks for clarifying! Looking at these locations, I am not seeing anything at a high-level that would cause any suspicion. With it happening in so many areas, one would think the issue is with the phone but since you have the same issue with a new phone and SIM card, it's most likely an issue with your specific line on the network. Our tech care teams are going to need to pull up your account and open up an engineering service ticket for this issue so if you have a moment, please Contact Us so we can start digging into this with you. If you prefer written correspondence, you can also use the Facebook and Twitter links in my signature to reach out to our T-Force team.