Not receiving all text messages on LG G5


    I am having issues my LG G5 not receiving all text messages.  I called T-Mobile a few months ago and thought it was resolved.  I have powered off, signal isn't an issue.  I will get a text then the next test they send I don't get then I get the next one asking why I haven't answered.  Sometimes if someone sends a long text I only get half of it.  This all started after I did the update.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hmm, that's really odd but we really wanna help you out with this. Do you have a lot of messages stored to your phone? Have you tried clearing old messages out to see if they come through more consistently? Also, have you noticed this happening with only specific numbers? If you're using a 3rd party messaging app, it's a good idea to uninstall it and use the stock messaging app to see if 3rd party app is the culprit.

        • tmo_mike_c

          We really wanna make sure this gets resolved for you. Can you let us know if you still need some help? Thanks.

            • magenta4699834

              Yes I do.  I am so frustrated.  I called TMobile again before going on vacation out of the country and was given instruction to clear all messages and cache.  I did that and I am still sporadically not getting messages.  I am not using a third party, I also did the new update which he thought would work because the issue started after I did the update in January.  I should not have to constantly delete all of my text messages, that's ridiculous especially since I did not have ANY issues until the update.  This is not something I did wrong, the phone is 1 1/2 yrs old there is absolutely no way I should have to buy a new phone.  I still owe approximately $170.00 and I cannot afford to buy a new phone.  I am someone at Tmobile will know how to fix this problem.  At this point I will just have everyone message me through messenger and when my payments are done I will move to another carrier.

            • magenta5581507

              I am having the same issue as well with 2 phones- both are LG G5.  I too would love to know if the issue has been resolved for the original poster.  If so, how can it be fixed?