Change plan and kickback?


    If I change my plan and upgrade to one, would I be able to get kickback? I'm hoping I can since the line isn't new even though the deadline has passed

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Change plan and kickback?

        Hey, eddiehaskell! How's the Beav? Sorry, I couldn't resist!
        I'm sad to say that KickBack™ is officially retired and can't be added to lines that aren't already active on an eligible plan (T-Mobile ONE).

        There are still a lot of great benefits that T-Mobile ONE offers; among them a pretty sweet AutoPay discount and having all taxes and fees included in the price! That said, if you're hanging on for dear life to a Grandfathered plan because it works for you, that's OK as well.

        Were there any other things about T-Mo ONE that had you considering a switch, or was KickBack a clincher?

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