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T-Mobile USA and Sprint merger - good? bad? ugly?


    With the merger of T-Mobile USA (TMUS) and Sprint (S) back on the discussion block, I was wondering what T-Mobile USA and/or Sprint customers and/or T-Mobile employees think.


    I have not had good experiences with mergers (buyouts?) in the past, such as Alltel and Verizon, for example. I had to bail from the CDMA ecosystem when Alltel was consumed by Verizon, and began my T-Mobile/GSM trek, but I digress (but I REALLY miss Alltel. ;-).


    I have read various articles about the older and newer merger discussions and costs and benefits, but as a T-Mobile customer, I'm concerned, to say the least. And then there are the T-Mobile and Sprint employees ;-). T-Mobile is probably looking at some of the wireless spectrum assets of Sprint, economies of scale, etc., but is this best path forward?



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      • drnewcomb2

        I dislike the potential change in the competitive landscape implicit in going from four national carriers to three. The only thing T-Mobile needs from Sprint is about 40 MHz of their 2.5 GHz (band-41) spectrum. At this point the 800 MHz (band-26) and extended PCS (band-25) would not contribute much to T-Mobile's portfolio. There's also the question of what are Sprint's actually worth. The company is a hollow shell holding a huge debt. Anything of value has been mortgaged to the hilt and spun off into separate holding companies. There also appears to be a Jonah attached to the company. Everything, they touch seems to go sour.

        • cesaribenitez95

          I will just leave this here:


          • sfware

            Re: T-Mobile USA and Sprint merger - good? bad? ugly?

            So the latest news is that the merger is on, pending regulatory approval, etc. Looks like the combined company will be called T-Mobile, with John Legere running the merged company. Having jumped in with T-Mobile and Android with the Google G1 (HTC Dream) about 10 years ago, I'm hopeful for the future, but have many concerns. Don't you, too? ;-)


            Very interesting - lots of potential, yet lots of hurdles! Time will tell!



            • barcodeable

              I would suggest to grab whatever great deal you can now, migrate to the new ONE Plan or Military Plane, or 55+ Plan from T-Mobile's available Plans and extra features before there is a price change (if it's beneficial for you to do so).


              T-Mobile Reps state that T-Mobile's grandfathered customers are able to stay on their current plan...  but im sure T- mobile will start messing with more and more customers Grandfathered Plans "by some sort of technical glitch by accident" to get everyone on the ONE Plan !!!!

              • captcoolhand

                I'm a little concerned, to say the least. I'm not a fan of Sprint with their overly priced underrated services, but time will tell I guess.
                My guess is, be ready for a possible switch in Carrier if it gets to be over ridiculous (Overpriced, Poor service)

                • cesaribenitez95

                  I was working in Nextel Communications INC (do a google search) as a  Customer Care Service Rep when Sprint took over .... i mean merge with Nextel. At first we stayed the same, just the greeting changed. Then, I started getting calls from sprint customers, and I was not trained or had access to P2K and S.V.I.E.W (sprint view is enterprise wide)   [sprint billing system]. Which turns out the CEO at the time thought everyone one used the same billing system.  So people started to get transfer like crazy. The they took out power source phone CDMA/IDEN phone (cell service was on CDMA, Walkie Talkie aka Driect Connect on IDEN. Which sprint didnt took the time to let us know how to active the phone or to even troubleshoot them, and it was not like we could send them to Nextel repair shops, since Sprint shut them down (Nextel had stores that we also repair shops authorize by Motorola). Then what cause me to jump ship, was that Sprint was closing down call centers left and right, but transfer jobs to outsorce call center. Which they we the ones that really messed with the customer.... the simple fact that one for those reps told a customer to placed their wet phone inside the mircowave and to have it on HIGH for a few mins till it drys. But I have hope that Sprint will not turn t-mobile into the same trash they have become.

                  • sfware

                    What happened to the T-Mobile support posts about the merger and the new (and now gone) T-Mobile and Sprint Merger "megathread"? I was glad to see the links to the "official" T-Mobile merger sites and commentary, but maybe they were pulled down (deleted) due to "legal issues" related to the merger?


                    Yikes! Hope all works out well and for the better. Time will tell...

                    • joe1994

                      Hopefully this goes through. I have had both Tmobile and Sprint as carriers and with both I have issues with cell service. We travel a lot through rural Nevada. There are places where you lose service with T-Mobile but if you roam once in a blue moon you get Sprint and Verizion.  Hopefully by joining forces they can strengthen each other

                        • captcoolhand

                          I certainly hope your right, that would be nice. I know when I go through Pa. I get right up to 5 miles from where I'm going and I no longer have a signal. Which means roaming. Then, that 200mb gets used up in no time at all. Makes me mad too because I'm only 20 miles away from the nearest fairly large city. you would think it wouldn't be a problem getting signal.

                        • magenta5084588

                          Brand new TM customer here, 1/2 refugee from Sprint (1/2 because they have only managed to unlock one of our two iPhones, though BOTH WERE PAID IN FULL and both eligible to be unlocked.


                          So far my 20 minutes with TM reps is 10,000% more pleasant than my dozen HOURS of useless contact with Sprint reps over the years.


                          Mr. Legere needs to take hard look at the middle and top MANAGERS in Sprint Customer Service who give the CSR's terrible tools, terrible policies, and clearly no or poor supervision. There is no followup to find out if the customer got what was promised (we didn't). There is no way to track an ongoing problem.


                          There is NO REASON it should take days/ weeks to get a paid-up, unlock-eligible phone unlocked when the customer is going to the COMPANY BUYING YOU UP.


                          If you doubt my experience Search "sprint forums unlock iPhone".


                          Good luck to TM.

                            • drnewcomb2

                              magenta5084588 wrote:

                              There is NO REASON it should take days/ weeks to get a paid-up, unlock-eligible phone unlocked when the customer is going to the COMPANY BUYING YOU UP.


                              There could be. Often in these deals, the value of a company is determined partially by the number paying accounts at some specific point in time. This is why Sprint was giving away one year service for free. Technically the customer is paying something (taxes and fees) and only getting a partial credit. So, it shows on the books as a postpaid account. I've heard getting unlocks from Sprint described as "like pulling teeth."

                            • redoregon

                              Hopefully it'll increase coverage with more towers available without increasing prices... John, we're looking at you!