S7 Ridiculous Battery Drain


    Brand new phone in December, and it's never had a good battery life. That said, however, it's getting WORSE! At 6:15am this morning, it was at 100%. I was on Facebook and Email for 20 minutes before getting ready and going to work. Didn't use the phone at ALL during that time. At 8:19AM, the next time I actually looked at my phone, the battery was at 59%!?


    This is pretty ridiculous. If I don't charge my phone during the work day, it will be dead by the time I go home. I participate in 8 hour adventure races, and I should expect my phone to work that full time, but this one surely won't! I shouldn't have to shut down all features on this phone just to extend battery life - not for the price paid for it! New to T-Mobile and Android and seriously NOT happy so far. Was with Apple and Verizon for years with never one issue. Is the only solution to suck it up and return to them??

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