Tmobile illegal refusal of unlock with Samsung support


    I have a note 8 which has met requirements for unlocking and subsequently was almost a year ago. I've purchased a sim and various other items for it because in MT Tmobile doesn't exist. There first and only store only recently opened with no cell towers here at all and even no service inside the store upon activation. There is simply no alternative other than to turn to another provider who actually CAN provide services here. I've contacted Samsung about possible arbitration against Tmobile for their criminal activity and was assured that it would be investigated. What other options or resources are available for the little guy against the fraudulent billion-dollar tmobile machine??

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      • gramps28

        Did you buy the phone from Tmobile or Samsung?


        If you bought it from Samsung then Samsung needs to coordinate with Tmobile to put the

        imei in their system to show it's a Tmobile phone.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, kennedy.mb -- thanks for posting! I just want to clarify -- you mentioned that your Note 8 met the eligibility requirements to Unlock your mobile wireless device and "subsequently was". Does this mean the Note 8 was already unlocked? Did Samsung provide a replacement through the warranty program that was not unlocked?

          If that's the case, but you're no longer using T-Mobile service (in which case I can understand that the replacement wouldn't meet unlock requirements for usage, and gramps28 is correct about the IMEI in the database) -- then a standard unlock request is going to be declined.

          However, internal teams like our T-Force folks (on Twitter and Facebook) should be able to review your historical account details for the other eligibility requirements (basically to make sure that the original device was unlocked and the closed account is in good standing) and submit an Unlock Escalation request.

          This request will be sent via email to an offline team who can then work with Samsung to corroborate that the T-Mobile branded IMEI in question was procured legitimately, and from there, help facilitate an unlock. You may be asked to provide paperwork to support your exchange, but that's not necessary in all cases. It's also worth mentioning that escalations can take considerably longer than a standard unlock, since we need to work with the manufacturer directly.
          All that said, if my read of your original post was way off base, and your phone isn't unlocked already, can I ask what reason is being given in the decline email? We're not able to review individual accounts from this public user forum, but maybe I can help explain what you're seeing!


          *edited to add -- I noticed that your username was an email address and went ahead and proactively updated it to something with a little more anonymity. I'm sending a private message your way in case you'd like to change it again -- please take a look in your inbox. Thanks!

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