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    My name is Joyce I am a veteran who depends on my phone I got the phone back in November, I was to buy a phone and then get one free. but after months I could not under stand why I was still paying on a phone. So a T mobile Guy called me and stated he was just checking on me and my phone, then he stated I see where you have paid for both the phones and that I should be given a rebate the rebate I was to get  months ago he stated they can give  you a $751.dollar  card so he took information from me and passed me over to a supervisor who stated they could apply my money to my account I explain to her I wanted my refund in my pocket. I don't have a problem paying my bill so I wanted to talk to another supervisor over her then she tells me the same thing and I requested to speak to someone else the supervisor stated I would have to go to Canada   to do that out of all the workers and the supervisors I was told they did not know where the Corporate Office that pay them was how funny then I talked to  Mr. Trinston who stated that I could not get the refund I explain to him that in their contract it does not say that said I give them the right to say how my monies are spent . So if the worker make a mistake it is on the Customer








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        Hey, Joyce. First off, thank you so much for your service. I know we all depend on our phones and service these days, with many folks (myself included!) no longer using a landline.
        I'm so sorry to read about your experience with this BOGO promotion. I know most of the recent ones were to be paid out in Promotional credits, but there are a few where rebates were issued -- can I ask which BOGO you were participating in? Regardless of the way that this should have paid out, it definitely doesn't sound like this happened the way it was intended -- and I'm sorry for all of the stress it has caused along the way.
        One good thing I can note from your post is that it does seem like our Care team is trying to make things right. I know from experience that it isn't always possible to issue a rebate card past a certain point in promotion escalations, and I can totally understand why that's what you'd prefer. A plus in having a lump sum bill credit issued is that we can typically use the credit balance on your account to pay off the remaining balance on the EIP for that second phone -- so your bills would be lower going forward, because you'd no longer see monthly payments on one of your devices. Then, with whatever's left over, you'd be able to cover or lower your monthly charges for a bit as well. I can't take a look from here to give you an accurate projection of how this would play out for you, but if you'd like to reach out to another team to get some specific answers or to see if escalation for a rebate card is an option, our T-Force folks on Twitter and Facebook have a secure method to verify your account and can pull up the details. We hear tons of positive feedback from customers in unique situations who visit them for assistance.
        Also, this isn't related to your BOGO concern, but I do want to make sure you know about our new T-Mobile ONE™ Military plan. Depending on your current plan, this could save you some money monthly on your service -- especially if you have a family plan! Veterans are definitely eligible to verify. The plan and verification page aren't officially live until Monday, but it seems worth calling out.

        I can't say enough that the experience you are reporting isn't one we want any customer to have. We absolutely have the information to reach out to our Corporate office -- it's via mail, and listed publicly on our Contact Us page -- and to tell you that we aren't able to provide that information is not right. We do typically try to encourage customers to get a resolution with our frontline teams first if possible, both for the sake of expediency and because our frontline is empowered to make decisions! I know that this isn't the solution you were hoping for, though, and we appreciate the time you've taken to post here and let us know how this played out. It's valuable feedback, and we can pass it on.

        Please let me know how things go if you do take a moment to contact T-Force! I sincerely hope we're able to get to the bottom of this and at the very least provide an accurate explanation for limitations, if that's the situation here.

        Thank you,