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    i have been with Tmobile for a year now and i am paying for 6 lines one which is a tablet. question is could i turn that line into a phone line and if so how much.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Tablet turn to phone line

        Hey, magenta4681246, and welcome! We may be able to switch this line type from a mobile internet line to a voice line for you, but we'd need a team with account access to take a look and see how many voice lines your account is approved for and to check out your current plan (and depending on the plan, also the AutoPay status) to get you a price. If reaching out online works well for you, I'd recommend contacting our T-Force team! You can reach them on Twitter or Facebook by clicking the links in my badge, and from there we can securely verify your account and take a peek. You're also welcome to Contact Us the old fashioned way, too!

        • barcodeable

          Re: Tablet turn to phone line

          Im not sure of the technical limits of a T-Mobile rep to do what you are asking, but it seems like they will merely cancel your tablet line which is a Mobile Internet Line and add a voice line if you qualify based on your credit.


          You may have to pay more for that new VOICE LINE depending on what type of plan you already have.

          Keep in mind, if your mobile internet line have a FREE TABLET associated with it from a promotional offer you may have to pay the remaining amout due (in full) on that EIP account.


          And if you received that Mobile Internet Line As a free promotion or if it is a FREE DATA FOR LIFE Plan (cancelling that line) will cancel the free benefits associated with that line.


          im eligible for 6 voice lines and 5 mobile internet lines

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Tablet turn to phone line

              It's sort of like that, barcodeable, but in some situations our reps can actually just switch the line type out in the account system without needing to cancel it! That's not possible in *all* cases, though, which is why this is definitely one that needs to go to an internal team for review.
              Thank you so much for calling out the FDFL bit, though! Sometimes I forget that there are customers who still have that plan type! And you're definitely correct about the "free tablet while you keep the line" promos -- that's something an internal team will want to check for, too.