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    I have a $40 pre-paid connection for 16m now. I pay the refill amount on 10th of every month and have unlimited calling/text. It worked fine until last two months. On 10th of every month TM will take the money out for next month out of my account and account balance will be prv balance - $40 i.e. somewhere $1-5 until I refill next month. No issues in calling/texting. But for last two when $40 gets deducted and balance falls below $5, I cannot receive any text / calls. I paid $40 on 10th April, balance was 0.97 and plan was valid till 5/10 and I stopped getting calls/text. I made a complaint, TM apologized , said it was a network switch issue and gave me $5 credit, balance became $5.97 and I still can't receive call/texts. Finally i replenished my account with another $40 to make balance 45.97. This $40 should have been paid on 10th may and not on 17th April.  I called customer service to complain, the lady would not even understand the issue, i hung after 15m.

    Somebody take this up to resolve? Issue is that in spite of having an unlimited plan, if the balance is low, TM wont let you receive call/text. They make you pay one month in advance , pathetic customer service.

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      • magenta4679056

        Re: Service complaint

        Ticket no 19419741 opened and closed without fixing problem.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Service complaint

            I am so sorry to hear that you have been having so many issues with your billing! Something definitely sounds out of whack with your account but something that we can totally fix. Since we are going to need to take a deeper look at your billing history, we are going to need to access your account but we are unable to do so here on a public forum. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, I would suggest that you use the links in my signature to send a message to our T-Force team. They will be able to securely verify your account and do the full investigation needed to correct this issue.