Not getting text messages from banks etc


    Hi all, I have not bee able to get text messages from banks and twitter etc, when I reset my bank account or twitter account password.

    Both require a text message send to my T-mobile phone. But somehow, I didn't get any text messages from them. I am not sure why.

    I cleared my block #s. BTW, I receive text messages just fine from my family and work. Just not from the banks or twitters for password reset.

    Can you help help? Thanks.

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      • hlicci8168

        Re: Not getting text messages from banks etc

        Yeah I have issues with what they call (short codes) basically businesses and places like Twitter use short codes to text versus a legit looking phone number. Like the incoming text will be from 78463 instead a 10 digit phone number. I will receive messages from certain things like I’ve had no problems with Twitter, my bank, and few others. I even will receive texts that are short codes, but clearly a message filled with spam or some link to attempt to scam. Yet short code texts are blocked from major places like Google, Comcast Xfinity ect. Google to verify my account I need to have a automated call and not text since I never receive and with Comcast I am unable to verify my backup phone number due to their only option to verify is by a text which t-mobile some reason blocks me from ever receiving. T-mobile claims it’s because Comcast texts with A short code, but has a link in message that is supposed be clicked to open in browser. Which then you verify the stuff, but j told them that’s poor excuse because I receive incoming short texts from scams like “payday lenders” or fake mystery shopping jobs that include a link hoping I click it. I also have trouble sending outgoing texts to certain short codes. T-mobile always denies access to me sending a reply to short codes to number local radio stations. And T-mobile always seems tell me they can’t help and claim I have no restrictions or a block on anything so maybe I have no service or any excuse they can make. Good luck you’ll never be able to actually get the issue fully fixed.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Not getting text messages from banks etc

          Hey, fratsa and hlicci8168. Sorry to read you're having trouble with short codes! Can I ask what type of account you have? Are either of you using DIGITS? We have some steps listed here: short code troubleshooting to walk through to make sure these aren't blocked at the account level for postpaid customers; but it sounds like you've walked through that previously, hlicci8168. Do you know if our Tech team ever filed a ticket for these missed message issues? That would be the next step after double checking that you have an account type that allows short codes and that the provisioning is correct!

          • primepwr

            Re: Not getting text messages from banks etc

            Also having issues with not receiving certain text messages.  Primarily via Intuit's interface and through a private emergency alert service.  The issue has been ongoing for over a year, on only one of eight phone lines, and this line has had a Galaxy S8 and now a iPhone 8, so it's not phone specific.  I've verified that there are no family allowances, or that these short codes have not been blocked.  I've even disabled spam block.  Every other short code confirmation text works (ie: google, and every other bank/gaming platform, but just two specific companies (both of which work to my other phone lines).  I've contacted their technical support (for the two companies) and they've verified all settings on their end.


            Is there a way to reset all features on an account to ensure that certain incoming short codes are not being blocked at the server level?


            I strongly believe that this started occurring around the time that T-Mobile migrated the spam call parsing from the individual device (HiYa's app) to the server during the routing process about a year ago.  Back when the name ID app was on the phone, before I had T-mobile one plus, I never had the issue.

            • 502

              Re: Not getting text messages from banks etc

              I’m having the exact same issues.  Did you get it resolved?   If so, how?

              • 502

                Re: Not getting text messages from banks etc

                I called TMobile and they quickly took care of the issue.  Apparently there was something on my account preventing sms messages.  My issue Has been resolved. 

                • magenta3795203

                  Re: Not getting text messages from banks etc

                  Have the content block removed from your T-Mobile line. Call T-Mobile and tell them to remove the SOC BCONTS (SOC is pronounced "sock", and B C O N T S is the actual sock acronym on your line that you want to tell the rep to remove)


                  If you do not have BCONTS on your line, then ask the rep to check if your SMS or MMS messaging is "blacklisted", if so have them remove the blacklisted feature.


                  Hope this helps.