Warranty exchange fee


    Very very very unhappy at the moment.


    I have been a customer of TMobile  for several years prior to my current plan. I was married and had a different number. I have had my current plan and new number for several years too. Most recently I switched to a family plan of 3 lines. I started with this company when S4's 1st came out. I loved my original brand new S4.  Unfortunately I had to do a warranty exchange.  I received a refurbished S4. It was not the same as the original. On several different occasions I took it into the store and the employees made adjustments, new sim card, etc. I kept it for years putting up with it's malfunctions.  It got to where it was just causing more stress than it worked.  It was always dropping calls, shutting off at random, turning on at random, turning off during calls with a full battery. It got so bad that sometimes it would do this on/off thing in the middle of the night waking me up.  I decided a few months ago to turn it in and get another one. I find out I can not get another S4.  They no longer carry them. They will send me a refurbished S5. My refurbished S5 started having problems weeks into owning it. The battery lasted for a few days in the beginning then the battery only lasted half a day. This was a few months ago. I took it into the store and they told me to go to Batteries plus and get a new battery to see if this would fix it. Tmobile no longer even sells batteries for them.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

    At the end of Feb 2018 I went through 2 traumatic life altering events.  Unfortunately through these traumas I forgot to turn in my warranty exchange phone by the deadline.  I was a few days late turning it in..  I took my old refurbished S4 phone to a store to turn it in and hopefully eliminate the possibility of it being lost in the mail. In the past my mail carrier delivered a package of mine to the wrong address. (his error, my loss). I did not want to chance my phone getting lost too so I took it to my local store to turn it in leaving it there.  The manager of the TMobile store called the company.  He explained to the person on the other end he had my old phone in his hand and had scanned the shipping label.  The person on the other end said there is nothing they could do.  They said I will still have to pay the late fee(non return fee). So even with me turning my old phone in directly to the store I was out of luck and would still have to pay a $429.00 late fee regardless!!!! Here's another kicker...Currently Tmobile has brand new LG phones for $200+.

    I have talked to several employees on the phone.  One employee said the reason I was being charged so much was because my phone was damaged.  We went a few rounds with that one.  She insisted my phone was damaged.  I explained to her that the manager at the store thought my older one was the new one and vs versa.  No damage at all.  I told her I was told it was because of a late fee. Another person told me the reason I was being charged so much because now the company can't sell my old phone. I offered to go ahead and pay this amount if they would put me on a payment plan.  I was given like a week to come up with half, then another 2 weeks to come up with the rest. I tried to get more time to pay.  They wouldn't do it.  The last person I spoke to was in Puerto Rico.  He asked me to copy a text message he would send me.  I explained to him I was driving(in a funeral procession) and in my state it is illegal to text and drive. He said he would call me back. He never did.  So I paid the regular amount of my monthly service bill. I even went into the store to pay it directly. A few days later my phone(s) (family plan of 3) were shut off. My monthly payment was on time.   Did I say this is all because of a refurbished S4 that I took into the store?   

    Being charged $429.00 for turning in a phone a few days late is insane 

    Being charged $429.00 for a refurbished phone that is defective is insane. 

    Being charged $429.00 for a refurbished phone that is defective and the company no longer sells is insane.

    Being charged $429.00 for a refurbished phone that is defective and the company no longer sells and an updated brand new S5 can be bought online at Walmart for $99.00 UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

    Now they are charging me an extra $60.00 to get my lines turned back on.  My monthly regular service bill was paid.....ON TIME!!

    I just can't believe this.  The 3 of us have no service.

    Totally unhappy with this situation.




    I admit that what I was going through caused me to have a memory lapse.  I admit I was late turning in the phone.  To stick me with this inflated non reversible amount no matter what is just unfair. Why can't this charge be reversed? I see several other people have had this problem.  SO VERY VERY UNHAPPY.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Warranty exchange fee

        Wow magenta2907003 , this so devastating and I can't begin to tell you how bad a feel about all this. For what it's worth, I do wish you the best in getting through life's traumatic events. As for the charges on your account, I think it's totally worth another look. While we don't have account access here on the support site, but we do have an amazing team on our social channel that can take another shot at seeing if there's any other options for you. You should reach out to our T-Force team through the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge or on our Contact Us. They can safely access your account and work with you on this a bit further. It's you're going through a tough time, and I feel like the least with can do is have our T-Force folks take a shot at helping out with your account. Please reach out to them when you get the chance.

          • mermaid22613

            Re: Warranty exchange fee

            wow after reading this story scares me, i had been sent a replacement phone through my insurance and the replacement was defective because everything that happened to you started happening to me so i was still under warranty and i called and they sent me another device and i sent the defective replacement right back a day after the new one came in and today i got this message saying i had to pay $629.99 for not returning my phone back then i called them and told them i did and gave them my tracking number and they said no that the charges were being for restocking fees, but after reading this story i feel like they are taking advantage of people by saying the defective device they sent was damaged it feels like its a scam sending defective devices to insurance payers and then saying it was damaged by them..sucks!!