Galaxy S8 Plus - Unable to unlock after being "white-listed"



         So I've been working to get my 2 Galaxy S8 Plus phones unlocked for over a week now.  They are both Samsung Galaxy S8+ phones purchased directly from Samsung that are locked to T-Mobile.  They have been paid off and after may multiple calls/texts to support they meet all the requirements to be unlocked and in fact I've been told they should be good to unlock several times.  I've had this issue submitted to the T-Mobile/SAMSUNG unlock team twice (requires 72 hours each time) and other reps have tried (24 hour wait and escalation team) and continue to get "UNLOCK FAILED" from the Device unlock app.  I messaged SAMSUNG who suggested I reset some settings on the phone (which I did) but this didn't work and they told me that T-Mobile has to unlock the phone.  T-Mobile had me put in another carrier SIM card to force reset, but this still didn't work.  I've asked if there is another way to unlock (aside from the app) but have been told there is no other way.  How can I resolve this???


    FACTS:      -  T-Mobile GALAXY S8+ Phones (One has been factory reset-blank slate, the other has not)

                       -  Purchased (fully paid) from SAMSUNG, on the network for 6+ Months (under the unlock limit per line)

                       -  T-Mobile has "whitelisted" devices (per call to T-Mobile support)

                       -  SAMSUNG has responded to T-Mobile Team to approve unlock/transfer IMEI into system

                       -  T-Mobile Device Unlock App doesn't work (on Wi-Fi or with T-Mobile SIM/Mobile Connection)

                       -  Putting in another Carrier SIM card doesn't work shows phone as network locked (and using Unlock App with SIM in still results in FAILED)

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      • sp1dr

        Forgot to include S8+ Product Names/SKUs from SAMSUNG (See Below)

        Galaxy S8+ 64GB (T-Mobile) Artic Silver SKU# SM-G955UZSATMB

        Galaxy S8+ 64GB (T-Mobile) Orchid Gray SKU# SM-G955UZVATMB

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, sp1dr!


          Wow, you've put a lot of time and effort into getting both of your S8 Plus' unlocked! I'm sorry you haven't had any success so far but you've provided the exact info I need to know how to proceed. You mentioned that you've filed initial requests but also had them escalated - do you happen to know if a supervisor or coach have emailed the request? We have a special process for devices purchased directly from Samsung that need to be whitelisted and it sounds like that hasn't been followed. The best recommendation that I can make would be to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter, link them to this thread, and have them follow the steps on our internal systems for Doc# 415133, Step 4.


          Give that a shot and let me know how it goes!

            • sp1dr

              Hello Amanda,

                     I finally got this issue resolved by a technical support rep over the phone.  At the end of it all for these phones (purchased from the manufacturer) you have to submit to the T-Mobile/Manufacturer Unlock Team (72 Hour Wait) AND THEN (this is the part that was previously missed) if it still doesn't work, you have to have T-Mobile support contact the Manufacturer with an escalation request (tied to the previous request) to get the phone whitelisted.


              **PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG**

                   It seems that sometimes this "escalation request" to the manufacturer is required in addition to the initial T-Mobile/Manufacturer Unlock Team request (if it doesn't work right away).  This Escalation request takes an additional 24 hours (it's essentially an e-mail to Manufacturer).  So total time (if submitted correctly) should be 72-96 Hours for this unlock request.


                   I REALLY APPRECIATE your suggestion to have them "follow the steps on our internal systems for DOC# 415133, Step 4."  That of concrete guidance would have saved me a week of spinning my wheels.  I'm glad this thread is here for others to follow in the future.

              Thank you!

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                • tidbits

                  what happens is when you buy from Samsung they DO NOT give the IMEI to T-Mobile to whitelist the devices to be unlocked.  T-Mobile has no idea it's theirs, and when you put in the request it isn't in the system is why it fails.  So when you escalated it T-Mobile team contacts the team that Samsung has specifically for IMEIs(which their tech support has no idea exists).  They make sure it's locked to T-Mobile and then that team puts it into the system so the unlock request will not fail. 


                  Apple does the same thing, and it's a peeve for any customer.  OEMs need to be more diligent about giving sold IMEI's to the correct carrier if they are going to sell directly to make sure their customers are taken care of.

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                • dnasand

                  Is there anyone in the TMobile support who is able to help fix this problem for other S8 devices with similar problem. I have contacted the support tram the page details and all; but, they have NOT been able to fix this even after working on it for over 4months now. I would really appreciate if anyone can help here.